JAN SCHILLING is a watercolor, acrylic and oil painter residing in Alden, Michigan. She graduated from Central Michigan University with an Art Education degree and taught art throughout her life. She also has a Masters of Art Degree from West Virginia University with a major in painting.

Before moving back to her home state in 2011 to open The Pear Tree, Jan lived in Southwestern Pennsylvania for over 20 years and has created many compositions of the flowing Pennsylvania mountains and woods. Currently she enjoys a return to Michigan and has been working on compositions of Torch Lake, Lake Michigan and the surrounding local scenery. 

Jan works primarily in transparent watercolor with a traditional watercolor style. She paints on Crescent watercolor board, with honey based Graham watercolor paints. Her choice of subject gravitates towards landscape and florals. She is most interested in subjects that allow her to use large sweeping washes as under-glazes and often paints with a wet into wet style. Using a fine spray bottle of water, the artist mists the composition while continuing to add color and shape. As the composition builds with layers of washes, the use of a continuous spray keeps the edges soft and atmospheric.


"As a painter I am much more interested in how the subject feels to me, rather than how it looks. I am certainly not a realistic painter, but I usually have a representational subject in mind. I love to shoot photography and I often use it as subject matter, but I also paint outdoors as often as I can."